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Summer 2017 Makers

Bohemian  Babes - Amanda Whittle


Amanda Whittle is a self-taught seamstress who specializes in children's clothing and accessories. Her shop, Bohemian Babies, was founded in 2011.  She is inspired by bohemian fashion and eclectic deisgn which is evident in the clothes she designs and makes.  All of the items that are found in her online store are made of the highest quality fabrics and are handmade in her studio in Chesterfield.


Conor Bary Kids Book - Conor O’Neill Barry 

Conor O’Neill Barry is an author, inventor and award winning advertising creative director. Originally from St. Louis, Conor has lived all over the world in places like Argentina, Peru, Czech Republic, and Dubai. When he’s not noodling on ideas or writing books for kids, he’s annoying his wife.


Maull's BBQ - Lou Maull


Maull's genuine barbecue sauces were the first of their kind in the United States. First created in St. Louis over eighty years ago, these delicious sauces were crafted from Maull family recipes. Featuring a variety of sauces to suit any occasion or taste, Maull's barbecue sauces now include two new sauces sweetened naturally with date syrup. From Sweet 'N Smoky, Onion Bits, Honey, and more, it's the Maull's family mission to help your food go from tasting good to tasting great!


Nature's Bounty- Lisa Payne-Naeger, Susan Gutnik, and Stacy Stockwell

At Nature’s Bounty, we are committed to creating greeting cards that bring beauty, meaningful messages, and community awareness into people’s everyday lives.
Our greeting cards feature the gorgeous foods, flowers, and products grown and created by local farmers and artisans who serve our Missouri / Illinois bi-state communities with healthy, wholesome goods and honest, sustainable practices. We recognize each farmer and artisan with their photograph and contact information right on the back of each full-size greeting card.
The food cycle begins in the fields . . . but does not end until everyone has enough. Each purchase of Nature’s BountyGreeting Cards supports the St. Louis Area Foodbank’s efforts to help our neighbors in need.


The Face + Junk - Thomas Fortenberry


Thomas Fortenberry, CEO of Face and Junk Men’s Grooming line, is a local small business entrepreneur in St. Louis.  This premium line of products is aimed at providing Men an alternative to products on the market today, without the chemicals or high process. We get your dirty men clean!

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